sample menu


Our extended menu experience loosely consists of eight courses (we choose!) which can be accompanied by a selection of wine, beer, or non-alcoholic pairings. Due to the nature of our menu we cannot accommodate requests for vegan tasting menus for dinner service.

Our abbreviated tasting menu experience is a four course, choose-your-own-adventure menu that is designed to be shared. Each guest chooses one course from each course line and subsequently shares their dishes communally. The procession is intended to be a little more approachable than its extended counterpart, and can be navigated much more easily by those with dietary restrictions.

corn silken tofu, dungeness crab, brown butter
jokbal croquette & hot peanut sauce
squash wafer, chicken liver mousse, vinegar jam 

hamachi aguachile, chile manzano and perilla oil
cold curry of peaches, pork belly & cilantro
shrimp mandu & plum wine consomme
beef tongue jjim tostada w/ melty cheese & kimchi
BBQ pork coppa steak, pepper, plum & jus
KFQ, pickled turnip and special slaw

chocolate cremeux, coconut caramel, passion fruit
mascarpone mousse, honey-yuzu broth, poached rhubarb


100 dollars per extended menu // 45 dollars per abbreviated menu
We always offer a wine pairing // non-alcoholic pairing